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Dream The Build Group is a premier construction company nestled in the vibrant heart of London. With a passion for crafting dreams into reality, we have established ourselves as leaders in the construction industry, offering top-tier services that transform architectural visions into awe-inspiring structures.

Our mission at Dream The Build Group is to build not just structures but legacies. We strive to create environments that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we bring our clients' dreams to life, one brick at a time.



Our Quality

Dream The Build Group is a distinguished, local London-based independent construction contractor specialising in providing a comprehensive end-to-end extension building service. This entails overseeing the entire project, from the initial design phase to the final decorating stage, tailored to your specific preferences. Additionally, we have established partnerships with closely aligned companies that offer Architectural and Building Control services, allowing us to deliver a holistic solution tailored to your unique requirements.

Our dedicated team of handpicked expert craftsmen is meticulously managed to ensure not only the highest quality workmanship but also peace of mind regarding the individuals working within your premises.
At Dream The Build Group, we prioritise listening to our clients' needs. Each building project is a custom creation carefully designed to fit within your budgetary constraints and seamlessly integrate with your existing structure, ensuring that the final result represents the optimal solution for your needs.

Dream the build group

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We Build

Our projects may be diverse but the results are one and the same-on schedule, on budget and inspiring to homeowners.


We hold the belief that transparency is the cornerstone of a robust working relationship. Therefore, we generate a comprehensive work schedule that dissects the project into straightforward weekly objectives aligned with payments, ensuring clarity in terms of expectations.


Establishing a clear communication channel with our clients is paramount for project success. Upon the initial drafting of plans, you will be assigned a Project Coordinator who will remain your primary contact from the inception of the project all the way through to its completion.


We have invested substantial resources in nurturing a highly capable workforce that embodies excellence. Our Project Coordinators demonstrate qualities such as eloquence, organisational prowess, and approachability, while our site foremen possess extensive experience and unwavering dependability. To draw and retain the most outstanding craftsmen, we place a high emphasis on providing them with essential training and the required tools.

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Meet The Team

Catalin Opris
  • Contracts Director

Wyeth Abay
  • Business Manager

Bianca Bobis
  • Interior Designer

Rithin Subbaiah
  • Project Manager

Ray Reilly
  • Planning Consultant

Laura Floris
  • ARB Chartered Architect

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